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Warrior Villages 

Part1 - Military Apshinge, Maharashtra, India

Apshinge village is a small village tucked away in a remote part of Satara in Maharashtra, India, where at least one member of every family in the village has served & is serving in the armed forces. The village is popularly known as Military Apshinge that has a tradition of villagers taking part in armed forces from the 17th century, fighting for great Maratha king.

According to available records, 46 soldiers fought in World War I from Apshinge village 14 of them died fighting. To recognize significant contribution British government installed a memorial in the village in the memory of these soldiers.

This tradition continued in World War II and later subsequent wars including India’s war of Independence.

This is a ongoing project, a documentation of villages, from India, whose ancestors were soldiers in the World War I, and their families, down to the fourth or fifth generation, continued this tradition of fighting wars; the second world war & even India’s War Of Independence.

This project is not only An Homage to these unsung heroes, but along with that, I wish to dwell into the lives of these simple people, from the rural parts of India; their patriotism, and what makes an entire generation of family sacrifice their lives for ones country to show the spirit & valor that these simple people of India posses. 

ongoing project

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