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"MY Chawl - One Big Family"

ongoing project

Mumbai, India

I Lived in a Chwal in Mumbai,

In two 10x10 room’s, 10 member’s of my family.

I was born here, I grew up here.

These images are of my home, my family, and friend’s.

Neighbors and their children’s.

This is me.


I have been a photojournalist for over two decade following various stories, but this

work for me is more of a personal diary. I started shooting when I was going to live nuclear, bargaining a bigger space for a culture of friends & neighbors – who all blend into an extended family and the memories, which I want to be a part of me.

The open doors of 45 houses, looks into a common extended balcony, common toilets, which are shared with, equal ease, making one always socially engaged. A culture that’s fast fading in time as many of the chawls in Mumbai have already been demolished. My chawl, almost a 100 year old stands on the thin line of the socio-architecture may soon be demolished paving it’s way for high rise building which are in-sync with the changing face of Mumbai.

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